The Stone Age!

5GF began to research their new history topic, the Stone Age, and are here to share some of their favourites!


Ellie: Nearly all human history was in the Stone Age.

Abu: People of the North Sentinel Island in Asia still live in Stone Age life style.

Tuana: The Stone Age people could communicate with written symbols.

Imran: The Stone Age people ate plants and animals.

Hadeea: The Stone Age people are our early ancestors.

David: Cats lived at the same time as Stone Age humans.

Kayley: Cavemen decorated their caves by carving and engraving with sharp stones.

Anushan: This era was split into four periods, Mesolithic and Neolithic being two.

Kieran: Stone was used extensively to prepare and make weapons.

Hayrish: The Stone Age started 2 million years ago.

Antwone: The Stone Age people were the first to use tools.

Ava: Rocks were also used to make fire.

Mario: They put animal fur around fire to keep warm.

Tahiya: Later they progressed to mining as they began to understand metals.

Cian: The first stone tools were found in Ethiopia.

Sabina: People from that age were the first to receive the correct amount of nutrients.

Joshua: The Stone Age involved earlier man.

Nikola: People used grass, wood, shells and bones to make their homes.

Petros: Their weapons were made from stone.

Aiste: Stone Age people were the ones that invented fire.

Rayhan: Caveman are the early stage of humans, but stronger.

Lachlan: They created many things that we still use today.

Ben: It ended between 6000BC to 2500BC.

Kiera: People wore animal skin for their clothes.

Micha: Later in the Stone Age, there was a special sharp stone called a flint.

Kanisra: Sandstone was used for tools, like quern stones.

Zain: The Stone Age people killed sabre tooth tigers and mammoths to eat and survive.


Excellent job, 5GF!

Can you find any more facts to add to our collection?

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5GF’s amazing creative paintings of emotions.

In 5GF we have been learning about emotions, and here’s our class showing their emotions on paper. While we were painting, our teacher put on four different types of music that showed all different emotions.

The first emotion was happiness. 

Zain: “I used green and yellow because they were the brightest colours that came to my mind.

Sabina: “I used yellow and red because they were the best colours I could think of. ”

Abu: “The colours I chose were yellow, green, blue, red and orange because they were good colours for happiness.”

The next emotion was sadness.

Aiste: “I chose blue because it’s my favourite colour.”

Cian: “I chose purple and blue because when I’m sad I think of those colours.”

Ellie: “I used grey because it’s the saddest colour I could think of.”

Rayhan: “I chose blue, yellow and red because those were the first sad colours that came to mind.”

After that, we painted anger. 

Kiera: “I chose black because it represents anger!”

Imran: “I picked black and green because black is the first thing that pops into my mind when I’m angry.”

Mario: “I chose black, red and white because those colours came to my mind and they were the worst colours.”

Nikola: “I picked black and blue and mixed them together because it made an angry colour.”

Ben: “I chose black and red because black is a dark colour and I think that colour is angry.”

Antwone: “I chose black, grey and red for anger because those colours remind me of evil.”

The final piece of music represented love. 

Hayrish: “I chose pink and light purple because they are the best colours I could think of.”

Ava: “I chose purple because on Valentines Day you give purple cards.”

Kayley: “I chose red, yellow and purple because they are bright and represent love.”

Micha: “I picked violet, red and light grey because it makes my mum feel like I love her on Valentines Day.”

Kieran: “I chose orange and green and purple because they’re bright colours.”

Have a browse through our paintings and see if you can match the art to the emotion!


emotion 5emotion 6 emotion 4 emotion 3 emotion 7 emotion emotion 2


5GF’s Blog permissions

Dear Parents and Adults,

All children this afternoon will have come home with a letter explaining the purpose of this blog and its benefits to their learning.

Children are expected to add their input to the blog during school hours in line with the new ICT curriculum. Accessing the blog outside of school means they are further using and expanding their understanding of technology.

In order to provide more interactivity, the letter sent home today explains that you give permission for photographs and videos of your children and their work to appear on this blog. Note that the photos will never appear in conjunction with their names and that all uploads will be carefully monitored.

If you do not wish for your child to appear on the blog, you must let me know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please do make a time to speak with me further.

Many thanks, Miss Fiander.

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The Highwayman

Year 5 have begun a new topic in Literacy. We are reading the poem The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes. You may watch an animation of the poem here: The Highwayman


Background artwork by Charles Keeping


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Year five have begun their last literacy topic of the autumn term, and it is a very merry topic! 5GF will be delving into the life of Scrooge and his mean attitude to Christmas. Is it possible to change Scrooge? Can he see the error of his ways and learn to help others? We will have to wait and find out!

There are many versions to The Christmas Carol, some more suited for children than others. Miss Fiander’s favourite version is with The Muppets, but you might prefer another!

I am really looking forward to exploring this character with the class, and I hope you are too!


Bah! Humbug!





We Three Kings

We are trying to learn the words to We Three Kings off by heart. Remember the concert is on Wednesday 17th December so don’t forget to invite along family and friends!



We three Kings of Orient are,

Bearing gifts we travel afar,

Field and fountain, moor and mountain,

Following yonder star.


(Tutti Chorus)              O star of wonder, star of night,

                                     Star with royal beauty bright,

                                    Westward leading, still proceeding,

                                     Guide us to thy perfect light.



Born a King on Bethlehem plain

Gold I bring to crown him again,

King for ever, ceasing never,

Over us all to reign.


(Tutti Chorus)              O star of wonder, star of night,

                                     Star with royal beauty bright,

                                    Westward leading, still proceeding,

                                     Guide us to thy perfect light.



Frankinsence to offer have I,

Incense owns a Deity nigh.

Prayer and praising, all men raising

Worshipping God most high.


(Tutti Chorus)              O star of wonder, star of night,

                                     Star with royal beauty bright,

                                    Westward leading, still proceeding,

                                     Guide us to thy perfect light.



Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume

Breathes a life of gathering gloom;

Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying,

Sealed in a stone cold tomb.


(Tutti Chorus)              O star of wonder, star of night,

                                     Star with royal beauty bright,

                                    Westward leading, still proceeding,

                                     Guide us to thy perfect light.



Glorious now, behold him arise,

King and God and sacrifice

Alleluia, Alleluia;

Earth to the heavens replies.


(Tutti Chorus)              O star of wonder, star of night,

                                     Star with royal beauty bright,

                                    Westward leading, still proceeding,

                                     Guide us to thy perfect light.


Journey to Jo’burg

In Literacy, 5GF are beginning to read Journey to Jo’burg by Beverley Naidoo. The book follows the story of two siblings who make their way across South Africa to find their mother during apartheid.

Speak to your family and friends about this period in history, how do you think people felt during this time living in South Africa? How would they feel when Nelson Mandela was freed from prison after 27 years? How about when he was voted President in 1994?

The outcome of our topic will be to write a diary as if we were one of the characters, so discussing the character’s possible thoughts and feelings will help you very much.


Get to know the book with this photostory:

Find out more about Nelson Mandela here:



Martin Bulinya

5GF have begun their art topic for the term; to create a painting in the style of Martin Bulinya. Their first task was to create a backwash using different colours to give the effect of an African landscape. Some children have used darker colours to represent night time or dusk while others have used lighter and brighter colours to produce a dawn effect.

The next stage involves sketching and painting the foreground.

You can view some Martin Bulinya artwork by following these links:

or watch this video:

Meanwhile, have a look at our art so far! The class worked fantastically during this lesson and produced some beautiful painted backgrounds. Well done 5GF.

MartinB 1 MartinB 2 MartinB 3 MartinB 4 MartinB 5



Venn Diagrams

During our maths lessons, 5GF worked on sorting 2D shapes by their properties into Venn diagrams. The children chose their own criteria, such as:

  • Does the shape have perpendicular lines?
  • Are there right angles?
  • How many sets of parallel lines are there?
  • Is it a triangle?
  • Does it have more than 4 edges?
  • Does it have less than five vertices?

How do you think we got on?

Sorting 2D shapes



Bonjour la classe!

Every Tuesday afternoon 5GF spends time covering some basic french words, as part of our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum. We have so far learnt the numbers one to twenty, colours, animals and sports & hobbies.

See if you can recall the french words with someone at home, and maybe teach them some of the words you have learnt!

Can you remember the names of all these animals?

Can you remember the names of all these animals?

Can you name all these colours in French?

Can you name all these colours in French?

What are these sports and hobbies called?

What are these sports and hobbies called?


If you want to extend or consolidate your french at home, try some of these websites!