Martin Bulinya

5GF have begun their art topic for the term; to create a painting in the style of Martin Bulinya. Their first task was to create a backwash using different colours to give the effect of an African landscape. Some children have used darker colours to represent night time or dusk while others have used lighter and brighter colours to produce a dawn effect.

The next stage involves sketching and painting the foreground.

You can view some Martin Bulinya artwork by following these links:

or watch this video:

Meanwhile, have a look at our art so far! The class worked fantastically during this lesson and produced some beautiful painted backgrounds. Well done 5GF.

MartinB 1 MartinB 2 MartinB 3 MartinB 4 MartinB 5



  1. Tahiya says:

    I really like doing this

  2. Micha says:

    I enjoyed doing this art piece if people say if there not good at art there wrong every one in the class is good at art

  3. hadeea says:

    iloved doing this especially when we mixed colers

  4. Sabina says:

    I love this video it made my dad asleep!

  5. abu says:

    the video made my mini sis laugh

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