A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Year five have begun their last literacy topic of the autumn term, and it is a very merry topic! 5GF will be delving into the life of Scrooge and his mean attitude to Christmas. Is it possible to change Scrooge? Can he see the error of his ways and learn to help others? We will have to wait and find out!

There are many versions to The Christmas Carol, some more suited for children than others. Miss Fiander’s favourite version is with The Muppets, but you might prefer another!

I am really looking forward to exploring this character with the class, and I hope you are too!


Bah! Humbug!





  1. hayrish says:

    in the story their are ghosts oooooooooooooooooooooooooh

  2. hayrish says:

    one time Marley’s ghost came and said that he will be visited by thee Ghosts and he saw three gOsTs, then three

  3. hadeea says:

    i loved the story best charles dickens story ever

  4. Tuana says:

    Scrooge is sooo rude.

  5. Tuana says:

    But then he gets kinder!

  6. abu says:

    we’re marley and marley ooohhhh

  7. Abisha4sc says:

    Dear 5GF,
    I have read a chapter of this story and I think it very good and intereating I hope have loads of fun learing about Ebenezer scrooge!

    From Abisha 4sc

    PS:I hope scrooge does turn kinder but if he does let’s all hope he doesn’t turn evil again!!!

  8. Aleyna says:

    That was a very good story ever! Humbug!

  9. Alisha says:

    This story has a true moral, to be respectful and grateful for what u have and to spend ur life having fun

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