5GF’s amazing creative paintings of emotions.

In 5GF we have been learning about emotions, and here’s our class showing their emotions on paper. While we were painting, our teacher put on four different types of music that showed all different emotions.

The first emotion was happiness. 

Zain: “I used green and yellow because they were the brightest colours that came to my mind.

Sabina: “I used yellow and red because they were the best colours I could think of. ”

Abu: “The colours I chose were yellow, green, blue, red and orange because they were good colours for happiness.”

The next emotion was sadness.

Aiste: “I chose blue because it’s my favourite colour.”

Cian: “I chose purple and blue because when I’m sad I think of those colours.”

Ellie: “I used grey because it’s the saddest colour I could think of.”

Rayhan: “I chose blue, yellow and red because those were the first sad colours that came to mind.”

After that, we painted anger. 

Kiera: “I chose black because it represents anger!”

Imran: “I picked black and green because black is the first thing that pops into my mind when I’m angry.”

Mario: “I chose black, red and white because those colours came to my mind and they were the worst colours.”

Nikola: “I picked black and blue and mixed them together because it made an angry colour.”

Ben: “I chose black and red because black is a dark colour and I think that colour is angry.”

Antwone: “I chose black, grey and red for anger because those colours remind me of evil.”

The final piece of music represented love. 

Hayrish: “I chose pink and light purple because they are the best colours I could think of.”

Ava: “I chose purple because on Valentines Day you give purple cards.”

Kayley: “I chose red, yellow and purple because they are bright and represent love.”

Micha: “I picked violet, red and light grey because it makes my mum feel like I love her on Valentines Day.”

Kieran: “I chose orange and green and purple because they’re bright colours.”

Have a browse through our paintings and see if you can match the art to the emotion!


emotion 5emotion 6 emotion 4 emotion 3 emotion 7 emotion emotion 2


  1. Zain says:

    All the paintings were amazing

  2. abu says:

    basically,they were amazing

  3. Alisha says:

    Wow good job 5gf

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