The Stone Age!

5GF began to research their new history topic, the Stone Age, and are here to share some of their favourites!


Ellie: Nearly all human history was in the Stone Age.

Abu: People of the North Sentinel Island in Asia still live in Stone Age life style.

Tuana: The Stone Age people could communicate with written symbols.

Imran: The Stone Age people ate plants and animals.

Hadeea: The Stone Age people are our early ancestors.

David: Cats lived at the same time as Stone Age humans.

Kayley: Cavemen decorated their caves by carving and engraving with sharp stones.

Anushan: This era was split into four periods, Mesolithic and Neolithic being two.

Kieran: Stone was used extensively to prepare and make weapons.

Hayrish: The Stone Age started 2 million years ago.

Antwone: The Stone Age people were the first to use tools.

Ava: Rocks were also used to make fire.

Mario: They put animal fur around fire to keep warm.

Tahiya: Later they progressed to mining as they began to understand metals.

Cian: The first stone tools were found in Ethiopia.

Sabina: People from that age were the first to receive the correct amount of nutrients.

Joshua: The Stone Age involved earlier man.

Nikola: People used grass, wood, shells and bones to make their homes.

Petros: Their weapons were made from stone.

Aiste: Stone Age people were the ones that invented fire.

Rayhan: Caveman are the early stage of humans, but stronger.

Lachlan: They created many things that we still use today.

Ben: It ended between 6000BC to 2500BC.

Kiera: People wore animal skin for their clothes.

Micha: Later in the Stone Age, there was a special sharp stone called a flint.

Kanisra: Sandstone was used for tools, like quern stones.

Zain: The Stone Age people killed sabre tooth tigers and mammoths to eat and survive.


Excellent job, 5GF!

Can you find any more facts to add to our collection?

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  1. Micha says:

    I love the Stone Age there lucky there not around now because an astroid is gonna hit the Earth on 2037 or 2027

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