Reading Records

Children have been asked to read every day at home. As part of their homework we ask that the children or their adults sign the reading record as often as possible. The children are able to sign themselves, and the reading material can be anything they like! A book, newspaper or even Xbox instructions! Reading Record 1 Reading Record


Half term homework

Over half term, the children will be asked to write an explanation of the “exchange method” in their homework books. Ask your child to demonstrate what it is, and how it is used for both addition and subtraction.

The class will also bring home spellings as usual.

Finally, half term is a great opportunity for the children to browse this blog and leave comments. Nothing will appear online until they have been checked and approved. Just remember to only use first names in their comments.

Enjoy the break! 🙂


The Exchange Game

To play the exchange game with your friends and family.


You will need:


Pencil and paper to record the calculations


Choose a starting number and decide whether you are using addition or subtraction.

Roll the dice and add or take-away the number shown. If you are playing with a partner, the winner is the first person to get to the chosen final number (usually either zero or 100).

If you want to use a place value chart, try using ordinary household items for your dienes cubes. Sugar cubes or peas as units, matchsticks or straws work as tens and crackers or post it notes as hundreds!




Using collage techniques, we added detail to our repeated print images. Can you spot the milky way? How about Earth? Try and match the finished picture to the digital plan!

Space collage Collage 2 Collage 3 Collage 4


During our Earth and Beyond topic, we designed and created a repeated print image using the laptops.


Hello world!

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